Monday, February 08, 2010

Ken we will miss you!

What does it take for someone, fiercely loyal to a company to suddenly leave? Ken Jakobs, Oracle employee number 18, a man that sincerely loves the company, has resigned! The only reason I can think of is an extreme snub!

I must say, I am very disappointed. The prospect of Ken running MySQL was a light at the end of the tunnel for the community. Why? Because Ken is a MySQL insider! He knows the project, he knows the community.

As an engine developer I have come to know Ken well over the last 4 years. He lead the InnoDB team and is largely responsible for the improvements made to the engine since the Oracle acquisition. At the yearly Engine Summit he was always professional and constructive in his suggestions, with a deep technical knowledge of the subject. His track record shows that he has always kept his word with regard to Oracle's intensions with InnoDB, and I would trust him to do the same with MySQL.

Goodbye Ken. This is great loss for both the MySQL community and Oracle!

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Mark Callaghan said...

Ken made InnoDB better. He was a great complement to Heikki and helped set high standards for quality in documentation and code. The InnoDB documentation is a joy for me to read. On the other hand, dealing with those high standards while contributing code to InnoDB wasn't always fun, but the outcome was worth the effort.