Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MySQL Camp: a Secret Tip?

Where can you get access to some of the most informed people from MySQL and the community, for free?

The answer: at MySQL Camp. And then throw in lunch and breakfast for free, being able to influence the session topics and you have quite a package deal.

So it is strange why so few people took up the offer in New York this year!?

My talk was about the BLOB Streaming engine, MyBS, and I have posted the slides: Presentation - MySQL Camp 2007: The BLOB Streaming Project.

OK, so I got pretty much ragged about the name, MyBS. Why, I was asked, did I name it that? Jay, even suggested a session to find a new name for the engine! Thanks, Jay, very considerate of you... :)

But it was quite unnecessary, because I really can't see what the problem is. I think the name is cool. Uhm, totally ... cool.