Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PBXT 0.9.8 Beta with Referential Integrity released!

I have just released version 0.9.8 of the PrimeBase XT storage engine for MySQL 5.1. The major feature of this new version is foreign key support. As far as I know, this makes PBXT the first 3rd party storage engine to fully implement referential integrity, and the second after InnoDB.

With this version PBXT is practically feature complete. Only CHECK TABLE remains to be implemented for the first GA release (see pbxt-to-do.txt for details). So my plan to complete the PBXT GA release on time for MySQL 5.1 GA looks quite doable (especially now that I have heard MySQL 5.1 GA has been pushed to 3rd quarter 2007).

The latest package can be downloaded from or I have updated the instructions on how to build and install PBXT as a pluggable storage engine: how-to-build.txt. This text also explains how to download and build MySQL 5.1.14.

Although building everything from source code is relatively straight forward I plan to make binary versions of the plug-in available for MySQL 5.1.14 shortly. So a quick test drive of PBXT is about to become easier than ever...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

PBXT Session at the 2007 MySQL Conference & Expo

Thanks to MySQL, and in particular Jay, for giving me the opportunity to talk about PBXT at the up-coming MySQL Conference in April. I will be presenting a session with the title: PrimeBase XT: Design and implementation of a transactional storage engine.

Topics include the design of XT and how it differs from conventional implementations, experience with implementing storage engines, surprises and gotchas, and performance. So I think this talk will be of interest to both end-users and other developers of storage engines.

See you there!