Thursday, December 18, 2008

PBXT goes RC!

With all the booha about MySQL not being ready for GA, it makes me almost afraid to announce, ahem, ... and PBXT is, ehr, RC.

It has been just over a year now since I started developing the fully durable version of PBXT. Before that, PBXT was Beta. After that, it was Alpha again.

Now we have 2 solid Beta versions behind us, Vladimir and I have fixed all known bugs for this version, including quite a number of foreign key bugs. We have all 259 mysql-test-run tests that were adapted for PBXT (and a bunch of our own) running through without any errors on 4 platforms: Mac OS X, Linux 32-bit and 64-bit, and Windows. Our buildbot is giving us a green light, at last!

Besides this we have done crash tests, load tests and crash and load tests (I mean recovery)! And maybe most important, we have it ticking away in a very demanding OEM product called TeamDrive. And it is doing it 20% to 30% faster than the "most commonly used" transactional storage engine.

Then we also have PBXT 1.0.07 RC compiling and running with MySQL 5.1.30, MySQL 6.0.8 and Drizzle! And it compiles on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, netbsd, OpenSolaris and Solaris (last patch pending on this one), whew!

So what's next?

Well next stop is GA, and I would like to have it done before the MySQL conference. Heard that one before? Nah ;)

Seriously though, we are not planning to add anymore features to this version so there is only one way to stop us: by testing and reporting bugs! Right here:

Would be much appreciated! :)

BTW, the version is available, as usual, from, or get it straight from

bzr branch lp:pbxt/1.0.07-rc


gmax said...

And the list of builds looks impressive!
Any benchmarks to compare your baby with the competition?


Matthew Montgomery said...

Brillian, I'm looking forward to testing it out. So, what happened to -- ??

Erkan said...

Great Paul,

last Week I was testing insertperformance (using mysqlslap) between PBXT and InnoDB on a DL385.
Summarizing PBXT was 30% faster on inserts up to a concurrency of 128. (Didnt test more.)

Andy said...

So I guess this means PBXT won't get fast index creation in 1.0.x, like the InnoDB/XtraDB plugin has?

Paul McCullagh said...

Hi All,

Giuseppe: Thanks! I would prefer to leave the publishing of benchmarks to others, but ... we will see.

Matthew: Oops! link is now fixed.

Erkan: Yup, I have done quite a bit of testing with mysqlslap. That confirms my results.

Andy: this, is so, but it is not that we won't be adding any features at all to PBXT in the next 3 months. New stuff will go into the 1.5 branch. And I think we've got some good things coming up. But more about this later...

Roland Bouman said...

Hi Paul!

Congratulations on this important milestone! I am very impressed with your work, you're a shining example of what a developer with a vision can achieve. I think the future is looking very bright for MySQL and PBXT, and spin-off products like the BLOB streaming engine.

Kudos to you and the other people at primebase that make this happen!

Shlomi Noach said...

LOL, what an anticlimax intro!

Congratulations on the release!
Will be glad to see some benchmarks comparing PBXT with you know who.

Shlomi Noach

Mark Callaghan said...

This is great. I will upgrade soon once I get my 5.1 branch with many patches in better shape.

I did some performance testing with PBXT and the competition and PBXT did better at higher levels of concurrency. I look forward to doing more work with it.

LenZ said...

Hi Paul, congratulations on this very important milestone! Keep up the good work, I am highly impressed by the quick turnaround time and the feature list that PBXT sports.

Kevin Burton said...

This is awesome. I was just thinking about this the other day.

I still think PBXT could rule on flash.

Any chance you could run some benchmarks on the Intel SSD?

Maybe vs InnoDB/MyISAM