Monday, November 10, 2008

PBXT 1.0.06 Beta Released

On friday we released the second Beta version of PBXT. PBXT is a transactional storage engine for MySQL 5.1 and 6.0. You can find out more about the engine at

PBXT is pluggable, so it can be built separately from the MySQL tree, and loaded dynamically at runtime using the LOAD PLUGIN statement.

You can download PBXT from here. A "quick guide" to building and installing the plugin is provided. I have also updated the documentation for this version.

There are no major new features in this release because we are working towards the RC version in December. But we wrote some release notes to prove we have been busy :)

There is now also a version of PBXT available for Drizzle. You will find the source code here:

By the way, did any of you see this report: Sun releases MySQL 5.1?! It's dated 7 Nov, but no sign of the new release on the MySQL website ... to bad.


Tim Soderstrom said...

Awesome! Great job and definitely exciting! I can't wait until PBXT is stable and ready for prime-time! I am curious, though, are you still planning on adding in the durability switch (to make PBXT behave like old PBXT)?

Paul McCullagh said...

Hi Tim!

Yes, we are still planning to add a "semi-durable" switch.

I have created a blueprint for this:

Not scheduled yet though. Any comments are welcome...

creatorofcreativity said...

Hi..Paul I am a graduate student at Louisiana State University, doing a term-paper on "How audio is managed by MySQL" in Dr. Peter Chen's course.
I was searching for that on the web and came across PBXT. Its exciting to know about this stuff, but I am a novice in DBMS, am just wondering if you can tell me about how audio data is managed in MySQL and also what your technology does to improve that...please...thanks in advance!!!

Paul McCullagh said...

Hi Creator,

MySQL itself does not do anything special to handle audio data. They would normally be stored as BLOBs if they are stored in the database.

Check out the "BLOB Streaming for MySQL" project: The PBMS engine allows you to stream BLOB data directly in and out of the database using the HTTP protocol.

Such functionality could be used to feed audio data directly from MySQL. The documentation is pretty good, and explains how it all works.

creatorofcreativity said...

Thanks for the reply,I am honoured, anyways I've changed my topic to Blob Streaming-pbxt engine..I hope the documentation will be helpful for me to do the paper.