Monday, September 01, 2008

PBXT Beta Version Released!

I am pleased to announce that the Beta version of PBXT has just been released. You can download the source code of the storage engine from I have also updated the documentation for this version.

Configuring and building the engine is easier than ever now. To configure PBXT all you have to do is specify the path to the MySQL source code tree (after building MySQL), for example:

./configure --with-mysql=/home/foo/mysql/mysql-5.1.26-rc

The PBXT configure command will retrieve all required options from the MySQL build. For example whether to do a debug or optimized build and where to install the plugin are determined automatically, depending on how you configured MySQL.

This was a source of some mistakes when building the plugin, so I think it is really cool!

So what's next?

My goal is a RC (release candidate) version before the end of the year. Considering the stability of the new Beta, I think this is realistic.

The main work is testing, performance tuning, and fixing all those bugs you are about to find as you give PBXT a spin, right? :)

Besides, the size of the PBXT programming team will soon double! But more about that later...

Another thing I would love to do soon is a Drizzle version of PBXT. This has one significant advantage. If I discover a bottleneck in Drizzle, while performance tuning the engine, a patch for the problem in the server will probably be accepted fairly quickly.

But first I need to move PBXT to launchpad where all the music is playing these days!


Roland Bouman said...

Hi Paul!

congrats on the new release ;)

I wsa just wondering, how do you obtain the compile flags using only the reference to the source tree?

I hear a rumour the required line can be found in the bin/mysqlbug script, but I'm interested in hearing any other methods.

kind regards,


Paul McCullagh said...

Hi Roland,

You are right about mysqlbug. There you will find the configuration parameters.

But we use config.status. It's not pretty, but it works. :)

Best regards,


Roland Bouman said...

Hi Paul,

thanks for that tip. I don't mind lack of prettiness - utility is good enough for me :)