Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Welcome Ronald! Great to have you on board!

If you've been following his blog, then you will already know that Ronald Bradford has joined PrimeBase Technologies. We are very pleased to have him on board! As many know, Ronald has always been very active in the MySQL community as far as his job has made this possible.

Ironically during his time at MySQL he was less present in the community than before. When we discussed our plans for PrimeBase with him, Ronald was interested because it was an opportunity to return to a more active role in the community. I am very glad that this motivation was understood by almost everyone at MySQL and we are all looking forward to seeing and hearing more from Ronald.

But, of course, Ronald is not "just a pretty face" ;) He will be helping us to design and specify our open source products (including Blob Streaming). Ronald's extensive experience with both MySQL and end-users will contribute significantly to what we produce.

Ronald will also be helping us to refine our business model. We want all PrimeBase software to be open and free, so we've been thinking hard about how we can make this possible. All this makes it a very exciting time for us, and we will be talking more about of our plans in the days and weeks to come.

Of course, Ronald and I will be at the MySQL conference, so be sure to look us up!


Anonymous said...

Is Ronald no longer working for PrimeBase?

Paul McCullagh said...

Hi Anon,

No, Ronald is no longer working for PrimeBase.

He is now principal of 42SQL in New York:

Best regards,


yiqing said...

Hi Paul,
I am just a student confused by Open source software business model. since you are trying to make all primebase software free and open, how do you and your collegues live by? where does the profit come from? Does PrimeBase Inc. provide other kinds of service and software maintance? Or something else? I am totally confused.

Thank you!

Paul McCullagh said...

Hi Yiqing,

Yup, it is confusing! You are right. With open source you can find fame, but not fortune.

There is no way to make money out of something that is free. It is a simple as that!

However, in the case of GPL (the open source license used by PBXT), the software it is not completely free. It is only free for applications that are also open source.

So commercial, closed source applications, require a commercial license. This is one way for us to make money.

Another way is by providing support and engineering capacities in the areas in which we are experts (for example, MySQL systems programming).

Best regards,